TFM believes that our customers deserve the best service. We have more than 30 years of experience in supplying dyes and OBA to the industry. This plus our extensive experience in balancing the chemical requirements of differing applications with pulp & paper mills means we are confident in our abilities to provide trouble free methods of using our products. TFM experts are also are known for our abilities in solving other non-OBA kinds of problems for our customers. We routinely provide:


1. Formation Developing Service

TFM’s laboratory is equipped with extensive equipment and analytical instruments which enable our lab teams to simulate real paper manufacturing and textile dying processes that allow for OBA dosage optimization and formulation efficiency.


2. Sample Analyzing Service

TFM also offers sample analysis service for our customers. Analytical instruments like our UV/VIS spectrophotometer is used to determine the OBA type and concentration, while HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is used for product purity determination and analytical content evaluation. Wet end handsheets and coated paper samples can be prepared and are tested with TB-1C whiteness meter and Color quest to compare brightness (ISO or GE), whiteness (CIE WH), L*, a*, b* , and CIE WH from D65/10. It is by use of these test methods that we help our customers to understand both the importance of our quality difference and how it leads to cost efficiency.


3. On-site Problem Analysis/ Solving Support

TFM’s technical support team is willing to visit mills for on-site trouble shooting should mills encounter any problems on use of our paper chemicals. We are the recognized expert in the field teaching customers how papermaking-use chemicals can be used in the most efficient way, e.g. raise the quality of end products while at the same time reducing the overall cost.


4. Customized Training

TFM’s customized training assists customers needing technical training for both new and existing customers. The training sessions are tailored to be different from one company to another as they are designed to address each customers’ unique and specific requirements. 


5. Market Information Exchange / Networking

TFM makes the world flat ! With our connections with raw materials suppliers in both Asia and the North American region, we can serve as an outsourcing pioneer for our customers wanting to explore new supply possibilities.


TFM has the professionalism and the passion to fulfill customers’ every need. Please contact us with any specific OBA related problems and or papermaking or textile chemistry requirements you may wish to explore.